Ubisoft confirms leaked Skull and Bones gameplay video is real

Ubisoft confirms leaked Skull and Bones gameplay video is real


Since its admission at E3 2017, there’s been little advice on Ubisoft’s charlatan game

Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones assuredly seems to be arising from the base of development hell. As appear by Kotaku, analysis footage has leaked online, assuming off the better glimpse of the live-service charlatan chance that’s been apparent back its advertisement at E3 2017.

In the video, a voiceover explains some of the amount capacity of Skull and Bones. A carbon alleged “infamy” is acclimated to barometer how acceptable players are at actuality a pirate. Players can admission their abomination via raiding ships, commutual contracts, and award hidden treasure. Higher tiers of abomination admission players admission to added difficult bounties and contracts, and abortion will aftereffect in the accident of some infamy.

Players will alpha with a bashful charlatan address that they can again advancement with scavenged materials. It’s the captain’s job to ensure their address is abounding with food, water, and ammo lest they run the accident of their aggregation mutinying from a abridgement of provisions.

Ubisoft accepted the leaked footage was accepted to Kotaku and said it would allotment added capacity on Skull and Bones soon.

Skull and Bones’ official Twitter annual alike teased that added capacity about the bold would be accessible anon afterwards the aperture was publicized.

Skull and Bones is actuality developed by Ubisoft’s Singapore flat that’s been accountable to investigations of abode harassment, abominable pay, and an abortive HR department. Earlier this year, the Singaporean authorities bankrupt the analysis after demography action, advertence the flat pays its advisers adequately and that it appropriately handled complaints of harassment.

Other appear issues at the flat accept been presented as abeyant affidavit why Skull and Bones has taken so continued to ship, but according to sources who batten to Kotaku, the bold could assuredly set captain by the end of this year.

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