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New Ultrasonic Vibration Face Slimming

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New Ultrasonic Vibration Face Slimming Instrument Double Chin Face Massager Lifting And Tightening V Instrument Beauty Products


Daily maintenance-alternating red and blue light and vibration mode:

In this mode, the device will first illuminate the red light from left to right and from right to left three times, and then switch to 

from left to right and from left to right.

Three blue light irradiations from right to left are used for red and blue light irradiation vibration treatment in this cycle; it can be used for daily skin care and maintenance.

Emergency skin repair-red and blue continuous alternating and vibration mode:

In this mode, the red light and blue light are continuously switched from the middle to the two sides to irradiate vibration therapy. Can be used for emergency repair care

Maintenance requires blue and red light to repair the skin quickly and simultaneously.

Smart skin beauty-blue light flashing irradiation mode:

In this mode, the blue light flashes slowly and illuminates the skin without vibration. Can be used for over-fatigued skin, reduce skin burden, soothe the skin


 1. Red light irradiation:

Improve skin cell activity, promote metabolism, and make skin abundant

The secretion of collagen and the filling of fibrous tissue itself. Promote blood circulation and enhance

Skin elasticity, anti-aging, anti-oxidation, skin repair.

 2. Blue light irradiation:

It can quickly inhibit common skin inflammation, calm the skin and regulate keratosis

Cell secretion, cleans, sterilizes, protects the skin and strengthens skin absorption, repair and balance

Skin oil, whiten spots, rejuvenate and remove wrinkles, reduce pores.

 3. EMS micro current:

 Release intermittent pulse current to stimulate ATR production, through

EMS micro current stimulates the human subcutaneous tissues and improves the elastic activation of facial muscle fibers

Collagen is active, firming the skin.

4. Vibration:

Soothes facial muscles, improves fine muscle strength and facial elasticity

Increase, fully lift, tighten facial muscles and shape V face.

Product packaging:

1xUSB cable

1x remote control

1xV facial massager

1x manual




1) Q: What should I do if the V face beauty device does not work at all?

  Answer: The battery is insufficient, please start the product again after charging is completed.

2) Q: What is the cause of the automatic power off during the use of the V face beauty instrument?

  Answer: The product may not be able to start because the battery is too low, please turn off the product after charging is complete


3)Q: How long does it take to use it every day or how long can it be effective?

Answer: According to personal facial conditions, it is recommended to use 2-3 times a week, regular use will have better results


4) Q: Does the beauty instrument have a memory function?

Answer: Each function mode has a memory function, when the user adjusts to other gears, the previous gear

The position forms a memory, and the frequency used last time defaults when the gear is used next time.


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