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Electric Dog Bark Shock Collar Rechargeable

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5 Levels Adjustable Electric Dog bark shock collar Humane anti abrasion bark collar rechargeable for small medium dogs shock sound

(With silica anti abrasion buckle to prevent skin abrasion) * The buckle is in flat shape, when touching the dog’s neck, he will not feel umcomfortable. * Humane, Electric insulation, when wearing the buckle, dog will not feel the electric shock at all, but dog didn’t know the reason so it was still a threaten if dog wanna barking again.

Product Description

Pet Agility Dog Bark Collar PD 258-S

1) Rechargeable, recycle use, energy-saving design.

2) Also with automatically self-protective features. No matter how many times the device works, when dog stops barking 30 seconds, the device will automatically reset to the initial standby state; In order to protect dog, if the device continuous working for 7 times, the indicator light will came into flashing state, then the device will stop working for 1 minute, and enter into initial standby state

3) Not being easily disturbed by other noises.

4) With long standby time, when charging 1 hour, could work up to 14 days.

5) With 5 levels sensitivity levels, could be adjusted.

6) With anti abrasion buckle to prevent skin abrasion.

Warm tips:

After you using the device for sometime, if your pet behaves much better, we suggest you could put the anti abrasion buckle on the device, this buckle is isolated from electric, and could also prevent skin abrasion, but will still produce warning sound, dog is clever and remember the punishment usually comes after the warning sound, so he will still keep obedient and quiet without any electric punishment hurt, but dog didn’t know the electric shock will never come, this time the device can be as deterrence actually, humane, no harm at all. Besides, the buckle is in flat shape, made of soft silica gel, your dog will feel comfortable when wearing this, no need to put off at daily time except for cleaning. Attention: Please kindly know the anti abrasion buckle should be used after you have trained your pet for some time, when it does have some good effects, because the electric shock punishment and training is necessory at the early days, after then, the buckle can be put on device as a deterrent. The warning sound sometimes replaces our shouting, and always more effective.

The Device Working way:

This anti bark device has warning and punishment function, when the device receives the dog’s bark, it will produce warning immediately. If the dog continues barking, the device begins to punish, and the punishment will increase gradually by the next barking. Don’t worry, generally the dogs will not continue barking when he or she hears the warning after several times. This Anti bark device is a faster, less painful, and friendly-use dog anti-bark product. The device will work only when dog continues barking for 3 times within 30 seconds: The anti-bark collar has 7 corretion levels. After the dog continues barking, the device will only produce waning sound at the 1st time(level 1) and 2nd time(level 2), And at the 3rd time(level 3), it will produce warning sound along with electric shock punishment, At the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th level, all the levels will produce warning and along with electric shock, and each time the shock intensity increases. So, from level 1 to 7, after continuous working, the Anti bark collar device sleeps for 1 minute (the device will flash continuously, in this 1 minute, when dog barks the device will not work) This is to protect your dog. After 1 minute, the anti bark device restart work. Note: When your pet stops barking, About 30 seconds later, the device will automatically reset back to the initial state. When the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th warning sounds are output, the electric shock is gradually strengthened. After the 1-7 level warning sound, the device will sleep for 1 minute. (In this 1 minute, when dog barks the device will not work, this will protect the dog better) and will work automatically after 1 minute.

Fast Rechargeable Battery with long standby time up to 14 days

(by fully charge for 1 hour.) Packing List: 1 x USB Charge Cable 1 x Bark stop Device 1 x Nylon Collar 1 x Test Lamp 2 x Short Electric Colume 2 x Long Electric Colume 2 x Anti-abrasion Buckle

For Using Warm notice:

When we receive the device, let us check if it was still with power, because sometimes it will turn on at the transportation by accident, and will power off or with low power after 2 weeks delivery, so you’d better charge it for 1-2 hours before using. And then, let’s turn on the device. when we press the power on button short, it opens, and Long press the button again(1 second), it turns off. After you turn on the device, let’s test the device.

We put the test lamp on the 2 screws, attention, we should let the screw touch the copper wire and let it form a closed circuit.

Then, we blow to the sensor , the hole at the middle side of the device, under the test lamp (this was imitating the dog’s bark and generating airflow), or simulate loud dog barking. After the anti-bark collar works the third time, the test lamp will gleam. Please kindly notice the first and second time blowing, it was warning sound only, in order to remind the dog not to bark, the device will begin punish him when he continus barking the third time, so that the test lamp will gleam.

Battery condition

1) This anti barking collar is cycle chargeable, and when charging, it will twinkle red light, and when fully charged, the light will not twinkle but stay red. 2) When battery low, the anti-barking collar will shut down automatically, please charge in time.

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