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Pilore, a story of enthusiasts.

Hey šŸ‘‹

Ex-sportsman of high level for one and watchmaker for the other, we are Kayvan and John, co-founders of PILOREā„¢.

Our company was founded after a conversation between us about the pain experienced following a neck injury. We realized that we needed to find a solution for every day. After a deeper analysis, we learned that most people only go to the physiotherapist for 20 minutes (sessions that can’t solve the problem) or use any other massage cream to temporarily relieve the pain. We therefore set out to design and develop a device to treat the most sensitive areas.

The objective was to avoid wasting time but above all to find a long-term solution. After experimenting for over a year with hundreds of different models, we finally designed our patent-pending PILOREā„¢ technology, which features notches with microelements to treat the problem in depth.

We don’t just save your necks, we plant a tree for every PILORE sold. So when you cut your pain, we bring a tree back to life like a rebirth šŸŒ³!

That’s what PILOREā„¢ offers – we hope you enjoy it!


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