5 Things Ladies Should Know About Dating A Car Guy


Here are 5 things you should take note of when it comes to dating a car guy.

So, you finally meet a great guy and you think things couldn’t be better at the moment. You even believe that your relationship is going somewhere. Even better, there’s a possibility that the two of you have a future together.

Sure, he may be saying all the right things. He may also be sweet and nice. But then, you soon realize that he’s not exactly like other nice guys you’ve dated. This is because he also happens to be a car guy.

Just to give you a better idea, a car guy is a kind of guy whose main obsession is cars and just about anything that is related to them. As the Urban Dictionary defines it, a car guy is a “super hero who’s super power is knowing all about cars. He even likes to drive them. His arch nemesis is Motorcycle Man.”

In addition, there are also certain signs that you can look out for to verify that your guy happens to be a car guy. For starters, he might own at least one model of car that no local insurance agent has ever heard of. On the other hand, he may also be extremely reliable when it comes to doing preventive maintenance or repair on a car. It doesn’t matter whether it’s changing the oil, tire, fuse or radiator hose. Name it, he can handle it.

1-You will learn a lot of new terms

A car guy is always obsessed with cars and that obsession is never turned off. In fact, it’s possible that he even dreams about cars. Hence, you will definitely end up getting educated about cars all the time. It’s even possible that you will learn more facts about cars than you ever cared to know.

For instance, he may just get your car education started by schooling you on certain important car terms. He might tell you that it’s best to take note of all these since he will use them often in your future conversations. These terms may include torque steer, pound-foot, brake bias, knock, limited slip differential, bedding in brake pads, naturally aspirated, supercharged, turbocharged, apex, lockup, knock, onboard diagnostics (OBD), downforce, pushrod suspension, pullrod suspension, camber, caster, toe, polar moment of inertia, drag coefficient, blip in the throttle and many others, according to a report from Complex.

On the other hand, your man might also incorporate some British car terms in his standard list of car terms. If that is the case, it would most likely include drophead, which is the British term for a convertible.

2-You will soon realize that his own knowledge of cars can rival any car database

For any car guy, knowing everything you possibly can about cars is quite important. Hence, they don’t just keep car terms in mind. Instead, they are keen to find out everything they can about cars.

For instance, when you’re driving somewhere, he may point out another car on the road to you. Just seconds after seeing it, your car guy may be able to tell its make and exact model year without having to think about it much.

Moreover, he can also tell you if the car has four, six, eight or even 12 cylinders. After this, he would tell you what kind of engine it has and how fast it can go from 0 to 60 mph.

Sure, having someone around this knowledgeable about cars can be fun. Because his obsession is mainly on cars though, you may soon realize that all the factoids he would give you are car-related. And if you try to mention another topic to him, he would probably still find a way to relate it to cars somehow. This is one relationship reality you have to be prepared for.

Just think about this. When you are obsessed with a singer or band, don’t you like to follow them wherever they go as much as possible? Wouldn’t you try your best to score tickets to all of their concert dates so you can watch them live as long as they are performing in your part of town? Well, your car guy feels pretty much the same way about car shows.

What you may not realize is that there are many car events that your car guy can attend any day of the week. Sure, there are those big car shows that occur in exhibition and convention centers. However, those only occur once a year and across different parts of the world.

Chances are, your car guy would be attending more local events. For the year 2018, there are a lot of these events spread throughout the U.S., according to a report from Auto Classics. For instance, there’s The Race of Gentleman that will take place in Wildwood, New Jersey in June. The vehicles on the spotlight here are those that would have competed in races during the 1940s and 1950s.

4-There will be more photos of cars than the two of you on his social media

Sure, there are a lot of couples who are more than happy to put up photos of each other on various social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Some of these photos are even accompanied by a sweet caption and an equally cute emoticon, making friends react with so many likes and adorable comments.

In the case of you and your car guy, however, you have to understand that your relationship is not exactly the star of his social media life.

Instead, you may find that his social media accounts tend to proudly display various photos of his beloved car (or cars). After all, he would want to show off if he just got new accessories for his car or he if just got it detailed (again). On the other hand, he would also want to show off if he managed to take photos of car models he has been aspiring to own himself.

In addition, your car guy may also post videos of himself while working on his beloved car. He may also post videos of various car events that he has attended.

5-Nights with him are most likely spent watching various car videos online

In case it’s not clear yet, your car guy absolutely lives for cars. It’s the one topic that fascinates him more than anything. And so, when it comes to videos he can view online, he’s not going to care about that cat playing the piano. He doesn’t even care if another rat is running away with a slice of pizza across New York City. Instead, all he cares about are the most recent videos on cars.

Just do a search using “car stuff” on YouTube and you will realize that there are enough car videos to keep your car guy occupied for hours. In fact, there’s are several shows available that feature car-related entertainment.

For starters, there are videos of various car meets that have occurred around the country/ Aside from that, there are also videos that discuss the history of some famous car sports events such as Le Mans. In addition, there are also several videos that talk about various car accessories. These are quite useful and informative for your car guy especially if he has been looking to make some upgrades to his own car soon.

Extra points if you can drive stick

For any car guy, a girl who shows some appreciation for cars is worth asking out. However, a girl who has no problem driving in stick shift is even hotter. After all, a lot of car guys would agree that a car with a manual transmission is way cooler than a car using an automatic transmission.

There are a number of reasons why this may be the case. For starters, some assert that a manual transmission gives you full control of the car. That’s because here, you get to decide when to shift the car’s gears. In addition, a manual transmission has the capability of sending more power to the wheels, according to TREMEC. This is because it doesn’t work like an automatic transmission, which comes with an oil that also requires power to turn.

For all these reasons and more, your car guy would most like say that manual transmission is always better. That’s why he would be so impressed to see that you can handle a stick-shift car. Why not drive to his house and surprise him by showing off your awesome manual driving skills?

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