10 Useful Chrome Extensions For Productivity 2022

10 Useful Chrome Extensions For Productivity 2022


Here are 10 of the best and most useful Chrome extensions for productivity in 2022.
These Google Chrome extensions will help you get more done, stay focused, and make working or studying more productive.


1. Text Blaze: https://aurelius.link/textblaze

2. Default Google Account: https://bit.ly/3AaieFC

3. Picture-in-Picture:

4. Forest: https://bit.ly/3KojF8f

5. Marinara Pomodoro Assistant: https://bit.ly/3nD3J8g

6. Rofocus: https://bit.ly/3IjmrcY

7. Weaver Highlighter: https://bit.ly/32aQjZF

8. SwiftRead: https://bit.ly/33JpgFk

9. Momentum: https://bit.ly/3KqfubW

10. Print Friendly & PDF: https://bit.ly/3Ijmx4k

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